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Allure Stuffs™ Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber with Nano Steamer

Our Ultrasonic Beauty Kit includes a Facial Scrubber and Nano Steamer.

The Facial scrubber aims to deeply cleanse your pores and improve your skin absorption, which makes it anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, helping you reduce wrinkles and look much younger.  It’s recommended to use the skin scrubber after showering or facial steaming for better-removing blackheads. Use this device to massage your face with the micro-current to make your skin soft and supple, smoothing fine lines and improving skin appearance.

While our Nano Steamer uses nano-atomization technology to make water molecules smaller, using ultrasonic vibration technology to break down water molecules into a mist, the skin is more likely to absorb and quickly penetrate the skin to make up the moisture. It's also small in size, easy to carry, so you can hydrate your face anytime and anywhere.

Note: For Nano Steamer: This product is recommended to use mineral water (mineral water). It is generally not recommended to use pure water, distilled water, tap water, etc., which will collect water drops. Do not add thick liquid such as essential oil to prevent clogging or water droplets.